Crochet projects

These are a few of my crochet projects from the past year or so…

I found this cute blanket on etsy, and knew it was the one I wanted to make for my sister’s baby shower gift….. Of course mine is nowhere near as good as the one the designer makes, but I think it came out pretty good!


This cute hat I made using a basic hat pattern, the kind where you do not join, but continue to work in rounds…. This is the flower tutorial from DzCrochetCreations that I used…


This cute “Hello Kitty” type hat was made for a little girls birthday, I don’t know which pattern/tutorial I got this from exactly, but there are a few options on YouTube if you would like to make one…


I made this “Minnie Mouse” looking hat for my niece using this detailed tutorial from cakesbysabrina, who is so awesome to share all of her tutorials….


This from here for my nephew….


This cute I don’t know what this is called thing. I’m sorry, I don’t know what pattern I used for this, if I find it I’ll post it ASAP…


This was a request, and I actually got $$ for it, I think it looks pretty close to the original


I have a few more crocheted items, but I’ll save them for tomorrow… I hope you enjoy my crocheting, and I pray this post inspired you to do some of your own projects!


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