Cake time

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with you this cute cake I made for my daughter’s 7th birthday last month. At first I was just going to make cupcakes (because that’s what she asked for), but then I thought “What is a birthday without a cake?”. So I began making the cake (store box mix), and while it was cooking, I made some buttercream (I usually make my own version of this Wilton buttercream, but this is a good place to start for those who don’t know how to make buttercream). I remembered I had some fondant left over from a previous cake, and this is what I ended up with…. I think it’s sort of cute for a cake on the fly!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my cute little Hello Kitty cake!


A couple more crochet projects…

Here are few more crochet projects I’ve done recently:

I bought the pattern for this at Etsy at this store. This pattern works up QUICK and is so CUTE!


I was always unsure about making amigurumi, but I feel like its something I could venture into… I made this little “Hello Kitty” type doll from this YouTube video…


Now I’ve never made a granny square before, so naturally when my Moms group from church decided to bless our friend (she had been going through some very difficult times) with an afghan from all of us, I wanted to make something SPECIAL!

Happy Hearts


Butterfly Garden

My favorite Kaleidoscope Flower
Thanks to Yarn Crazy Crochet World for all four of theses great, easy granny square patterns!

Crochet projects

These are a few of my crochet projects from the past year or so…

I found this cute blanket on etsy, and knew it was the one I wanted to make for my sister’s baby shower gift….. Of course mine is nowhere near as good as the one the designer makes, but I think it came out pretty good!


This cute hat I made using a basic hat pattern, the kind where you do not join, but continue to work in rounds…. This is the flower tutorial from DzCrochetCreations that I used…


This cute “Hello Kitty” type hat was made for a little girls birthday, I don’t know which pattern/tutorial I got this from exactly, but there are a few options on YouTube if you would like to make one…


I made this “Minnie Mouse” looking hat for my niece using this detailed tutorial from cakesbysabrina, who is so awesome to share all of her tutorials….


This from here for my nephew….


This cute I don’t know what this is called thing. I’m sorry, I don’t know what pattern I used for this, if I find it I’ll post it ASAP…


This was a request, and I actually got $$ for it, I think it looks pretty close to the original


I have a few more crocheted items, but I’ll save them for tomorrow… I hope you enjoy my crocheting, and I pray this post inspired you to do some of your own projects!

CAL (Crochet-A-Long)

I am so excited about this website I found Repeatcrafterme. I happened to come across this website many times, but just recently I really started looking through ALL of her wonderful posts…. I absolutely LOVE her crochet projects, and I’ve actually done a few of them (pictures to follow soon). I really like her post from a few days ago about this crochet along. I’m hoping to be able to follow along with Repeatcrafterme and One Dog Woof,as I am nowhere near a seasoned crochet-er…. I think it will be fun to see how everyone’s projects turn out…. See you at the CAL!

What is “family and the 4 c’s”?

For 11 years I’ve basically been a stay at home mom, but I feel like I still haven’t got the hang of it yet. The purpose of this blog will be to help me become a better, well basically a better everything……I came up with the name “family and the 4c’s” to represent overall what I will be posting about…. My family, and the four “c’s”, which are Christ, cooking, cakes and crochet… All things that I am passionate about, and all things that I need to grow and learn more about. My goal starting¬†this blog is to really delve into these topics, and hopefully learn all that I’m able to meanwhile being held accountable… I pray that I can keep up this blog, these topics and we can all learn and grow together….¬†